Design your job 4

„Design Your Job 4“ is project funded under ERASMUS+ program of the European Union and implemented by pool of 3 partners from Serbia (Center for Youth and Social Development “RES POLIS”; EIPIX ENTERTAINMENT) and Macedonia (Association for sustainable development SFERA Macedonia).

During program implementation through 2 educations we will teach 12 young people (6 from each participating country), to basic 3D modelling and basic computer game animation.

First education duration is 7 days and it will be implemented in Macedonia. Second education will be in Serbia and it will last 9 days.

After each training participants will have multiple homework / task’s given by their trainers. Trainers will assist / mentor participants in their work / development process through on-line channels in order to participants fulfil their obligation and finish their task on time. These virtual practice periods will last up to 2 months.

Further on participants will give feedback on education program, give recommendations and participate on project final conference.

Participants will have a chance to receive 2 type of certificate, a valuable knowledge very needed on the job market and a work background / experience provable on on-line CV in project web page. Cost of this education program are 1620€, but the selected participants will NOT need to pay anything as we have same number of scholarships as open places for „Design Your Job 4“ program. This means that we will offer a scholarship to selected young people. After selection, selected participants will be invited to sign a scholarship contract.