Design your job 2

About Project

„Design Your Job 2“ is project funded under ERASMUS+ program of the European Union and implemented by pool of 5 partners from Serbia (Center for Youth and Social Development “RES POLIS”; National Employment Service of R. of Serbia), Croatia (Coordiantion of Sisak Youth Associations; Croatian National Employment Service) and Albania (Center for Non-formal Lifelong Learning).

During program implementation we will teach 15 unemployed young people (5 from each participating country), to basic of web design and another 15 young people, to basic of graphic design. After this 2 training all 30 young people will gather on the 3rd training – training of trainers after which they will become peer multipliers.
Peer multipliers will have an obligation to transfer their knowledge to group of 10 – 15 final beneficiaries which will be selected through 2nd call for participation. Further multipliers will have to participate on evaluation seminar after the education process is ended and to participate on the final conference which will be a day after evaluation seminar.

Multipliers will have a chance to receive 2 type of certificate, a valuable knowledge very needed on the job market and a work background / experience provable on on-line CV in web or graphic design.

Unemployment is one of the biggest social issues in Europe. Balkans are among the regions hardest hit by youth unemployment, for example Croatia (as most developed country in this consortium) has 50% of young people (further YP) unemployed which put them on 2nd worst place among EU countries. Because of this problem of unemployed YP was selected over others.
From this it is clear that the biggest need is offering tools for more efficiently fight with focused problem. Currently in EU there are more than 5.000.000 available jobs in the field of ICT. ICT is only branch of industry who has constant growth, constant need to employ new people, in majority YP and which is most substantial that is case in every country in Europe no matter how developed that country is. Because of that this project is focusing on young adults who are NEET’s with aim to transfer our participant’s concrete competences in web and graphic design needed on the job market.

Project gives the emphasis on raising employability skills matching the working skills (graphic and web design) of unemployed YP with the ones demanded on the labor market not only in participating countries but Europe wide. Such skills are suitable especially for certain groups of people (e.g. people with disabilities) disproportionally hit by unemployment as web and graphic design enable working from home via internet, flexible working hours, etc.

These trainings are focused on 3 thematic areas. All three thematic areas are programmatically and logically connected with the first two focusing on development of employability skills while later is focusing on acquiring skills to pass on the knowledge and train other YP at community level delivering multiplying effects of the project. In order to do that more easily, during the 3rd training participants will together with all trainers develop an education plan in form of toolkit. This toolkit will have 12 steps and each step will be describing the working steps together with the “homework’s”. In that manner multipliers will have a program to follow upon but in the same time they are free to improvise in order to assure desirable result.

Each of the participants after receiving all training modules (web and graphic design and training of trainers) will have a task to conduct 12 week long (1 per week – 2h workshop) course for web and graphic design for 10 to 15 unemployed YP in their own communities. Both participants as multipliers and final beneficiaries in Serbia and Croatia will receive confirmation of respective National Employment Service that they have attended these courses so they will have track record of skills they acquired in their chart/system. Through this chart/ system NES employees can promptly connect unemployed YP in their system and with an employer that is seeking for employee in possession of web or graphic design skills.