About Us


The Center for Youth and Social development “RES POLIS” was founded by young people on 24.07.2007. We stream to contribute to more active participation of youth in society, by young people activism and commitment. That’s why our mission is:
RES POLIS wants crucial changes in society by strengthening of the influence of youth policy. By organizing non-formal learning activities (further: NFL) and active participation of young people, we improve their individual skills. As a result, society will have self-conscious, initiative young people, capable of changing themselves, their environment and whole society.
From its beginnings, RES POLIS has fought for rights of young people and their better opportunities. We were one of the founding organizations who have established a “National Association of Youth Work Practitioners” (“NAPOR” on Serbian) in Serbia. We are also members of Coordination of Youth Associations of Serbia (“KOMS” on Serbian).
RES POLIS has also actively worked on creation of Local strategy plan for youth in city of Novi Sad. In that process we led the field of youth unemployment.
Most recently we become a monitoring organization selected by city of Novi Sad with task to monitor implementation of dozens of youth project funded by city based on local strategy. Based on our experience work till now our strongest fields are: youth work, youth unemployment and youth policy.


Modern public service that provides services to unemployed people and employers in Serbia.
Start of work for this public service we consider 14th December 1921 when it was published one of the first rules regarding employment – “Law for labor protection”.
National service for employment consists of Main branch, two regional services, 34 branches, 21 service office and more then 120 outposts in all regions of Republic of Serbia.
If you are unemployed, or you want to change or start your own business, or you need an advice regarding employment feel free to contact National service for employment.





The Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje (HZZ) is a public institution owned by the Republic of Croatia with the task of resolving employment and unemployment related issues in the broadest sense of the terms. The HZZ performs its activities through the Central Office, 5 Regional Centers, 17 Regional Offices and 99 Local Offices, providing the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia with its services.

The Regional Offices perform the following tasks:
• keep records on unemployed persons, other jobseekers and other persons who use the HZZ services;
• perform employment mediation between employers and jobseekers, take note of the demand for workers, do the follow-up on their employment, thereby cooperating with employers and other legal and natural persons dealing with employment mediation;
• provide services to employers, according to their specific requirements, with the reimbursement of costs;
• organize and carry out employment preparation in cooperation with employers, educational institutions and other legal entities;
• implement active labour market policy;
• cooperate with social partners and other labour market stakeholders;
• perform employment mediation for Croatian citizens abroad and assist them in exercising their rights;
• take decisions about unemployment entitlements in the first instance and make payments on the basis of the decisions;
• perform other duties established by the Act, Statute and HZZ legal acts.


Coordination of Sisak Youth Associations (KUMS) is a non-governmental, non-profit association founded in 2005., as a legal entity in the Republic of Croatia . KUMS is an umbrella organization created of five (5) youth Association (legal bodies): G.U.M.A., KIŠTRA TEAM Sisak, Kino Klub Sisak, KULT.com and LOTUS. Particular attention is paid to work with youth, respecting and implementing the ideas generated through the process of learning, commitment to the achieving goals and objectives and communication with the target group of our community, through member organizations.
The main goal of our organization is to promote and improve the quality of life of the young people and the common interests of associated members, as well as encouraging the association of all interested individuals and youth initiatives in organizations and societies.
KUMS works with young people, civil society organizations and governing structures using an integrated development process described in the objectives in the areas of culture, youth work and youth policy development. We play a major role in creating strategies and policies for young people at local community. In the past 4 years, our members have been an integral part of the Youth Council of the City of Sisak, through which they helped to create a structured dialogue between young people and the local government.


CNELL is an educational organisation established in 2013 in Albania offering high quality
non-formal education and training to young people as well as adults.
• Lifelong learning by implementing qualitative training and strategies for a lifetime, intensifying
the potency of learners, teachers and trainers.
• Enhancement of culture, innovation and promotion of oung artists, supporting career development
and encouragement of creative work.
• Mentoring programs and startup events to equip the youth with the right information and
knowledge to have a lead in the entrepreneurship world.
• E-platform providing internetworking between active entities of the society, ensuring global
communication, research and career development.